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Are you a community, enterprise, or university looking to collaborate with Baik Group?

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With our experienced coach and over 2700+ community members, we aim to collaborate in order to help everyone that shares the same value with us, which is to help people to become the best version of themselves. Through our training programs and talent connector, we are your one-stop solutions for all your worries.



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Baik for


We offer partnership opportunities for university career center and student organization in form of event collaboration, special training/mentoring, affiliate partnership, and many more.
Baik for


We aim to collaborate with communities that share the same goal with us. We offer partnership such as event collaboration, special training/mentoring, affiliate partnetship, project partner, and many more.
Baik for


We provide support for your company in designing and executing training programs. We connect your company with talents and provide training packages, including sales, partnership, marketing, and many more.
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