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Become a Coach

Are you someone who wants help early careers or young professional to achieve their dreams? Do you want to inspire others? Becoming a coach is the right path for you!


Our Coaches

The ones that will help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.

Help Early Careers
Land Their Dream

Encourage and inspire people in their early careers through 1-on-1 career coaching. You can help young professionals grow to become the best version of themselves!

Expand Your

Connect and interact with other coaches and professionals to widen your network!

Work Remotely

Our work is done 100% through your personal space! You get to decide where you want to work.


Tons of learning opportunities are available at Baik Group! Get feedback from professionals to increase your knowledge.

Work as a

You get to inpire young professionals by working as a freelancer! Earn income from your session according to your own schedule!

Advertise Job

Looking for somewhere to advertise job opportunities? Promote yourself and broadcast job opportunities for free on our website.

How to 


Follow these simple steps to become a coach! You can also download our module for more information.

Submit your registration via our website

Our team will review your application

We will send you an e-mail regarding your acceptance

When accepted, we will contact you for further details regarding the services you may offer to publish on our website and social media

Congratulations, you are officially a Coach at Baik Group!

Become a


Join our Baik Community platform to create impact by widening your network and encouraging others to grow professionally!

Are you ready to make an impact?

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