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Meet Our Coach

Cynthia Cecilia

Currently building my startup, Jobhun, a career development platform for millennials & gen z. Also empowering the local startup community and ecosystem through DILo Surabaya (Part of MDI Ventures).

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Achievements and Awards

Sprint of Developer Circles Award 2019, Facebook USA

One of Indonesian Contingents in F8 Conference in 2019, Facebook USA

One of Indonesian Contingents in iD8 Conference in 2019, Facebook Singapore

The 5 Best Startups in Startup Competition 2017,
by Dnet & Facebook

Basha Market x Dekranasda Jatim Campaign: Pemuda Pembawa Perubahan

Areas of Guidance


  • Startup development

  • Career development

  • Business, marketing communication & partnership

  • Public relations

  • Digital startup communities

  • Copywriting

  • Digital marketing.

Prospects for Possible


  • Indigo Telkom

  • Facebook Developer Circles Indonesia

  • MDI Ventures

  • PT Telkom Indonesia

  • Jobhun, etc.

Get to Know


I’m all geared up for everything related to startup, business, marketing communication & partnership, public relation, digital startup communities, copywriting, and digital marketing.
I have years of experiences in several areas:

  • 3+ years business experience

  • 3+ years build the local startup community and ecosystem

  • 7+ years copywriting & digital marketing experience

Unique Things

I'm not afraid of failure. In fact, I think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success.


  • Reading magazines

  • Watching dystopia/sumovie

  • Cooking

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David Gunawan

Kak Cynthia is a literal example of a Wonder Woman. She is a real visioner and a practical CEO. I have never seen a superwoman like Kak Cynthia that can take a decision instantly and firmly. Do you know the most shocking fact? She is still a good and humble mentor behind her firmness and leadership. She knows exactly when to guide or delegate. Couldn't be more grateful to know her. Looking forward to other opportunities to collaborate in the future!
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