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Meet Our Coach

Raihan Zahirah

Professionally, I have worked in one of the Big 4 firms primarily working in the capital project and infrastructure industry and also in one of the international security organizations assisting one star until three-star general for the bilateral meetings as well as international conferences.

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Achievements and Awards

Best Salesperson Southeast Asia, TikTok

Destiny’s Child Indonesia, Creator of the Month, TikTok

Quiz Wizard (Top Performer),

Most Outstanding Delegate of UNESCO, Asia Youth International MUN

Most Outstanding Students of Indonesia, Kemenristekdikti

Areas of Guidance


  • Leadership

  • Problem-solving

  • Sales

  • Digital marketing

  • Client relationship management

  • Partnership

Prospects for Possible


  • Model United Nations

  • Students Association of IR UNPAR

  • KSMPMI Think Tank

  • Media Agencies

  • Startups

  • Some NGOs

Get to Know


Right now, I am holding a position as the Partnership Manager at TikTok and ByteDance by working in the crossing line between sales, digital marketing, and partnership. As you will advance your career, indeed you need an experienced mentor who could further guide you in tackling your professional journey challenges so you could become a game-changer and better leader of tomorrow. That being said, I am very open to becoming your mentor, "matches to your candle", and "water to your glass" to further upscale yourself and contribute to the advancement of your career as I have been appointed as the mentor in more than 3 organizations.


Traveling, swimming, food hunting, cooking, brainstorming, and playing tennis


Business studies, data science, capital market, capital project and infrastructure (CP&I), and many more

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Mentee’s Opinion

Kak Raihan has been very insightful and open about the materials and I love it! She provides chance for discussions and questions as well for us so it’s very interesting to hear thoughts from other mentees beside having the opportunities to state my own as well. Since the past 2 mentorings have all been about sustainability and its ‘updates’, looking forward to see what we can & will furtherly learn about them especially in the context of project building + management.
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