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Meet Our Coach

Anandre Forastero, M.Psi., Psikolog

A psychologist and HC practicioner with experience in many HC fields (Recruitment & assessment, Training, People & Organization Development, etc). I also love to share knowledge in various forums such as webinar, counseling (private & group).

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Achievements and Awards

Mindful Practitioners,

Trainer & Keynote Speaker, Hospitals (RS Hermina, RS Omni, etc)

Trainer & Keynote Speaker,
Astra Insurance

Areas of Guidance


  • Career development services

  • Softskills (effective communication, leadership, work-life balance, mindfulness, etc)

  • Private or Group Counselling (topics: Motivation, Relationship, etc)

Prospects for Possible


  • Ikigai Consultant

  • Sobat Mentari

Get to Know

Unique Things



An introvert who does the task and the work as an extrovert.

  • Football & Basketball, Guitar & Singing

  • Read books & watch movies (Self development)

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