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Meet Our Coach

Naomi Noviyanti

A professional marketer with +3 years of experience in the FMCG industry (Danone, Unilever). I graduated with a cum laude predicate from the University of Indonesia, majoring in Communication Studies, specializing in Public Relations. Before dedicating myself to the consumer goods industry, I have had experiences in tech startup, retail local brand, and state-owned enterprises.

Achievements and Awards

Top 15 Outstanding Students,

Marketing Program University of Melbourne (2021)

Top 3 Best Performance Dignity Innovation Class,

 Danone Academy Indonesia (2019)

Best Head of Department, 

Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi UI (2016)

Areas of Guidance


  • Tips & trick for management trainee

  • Presentation & public speaking

Prospects for Possible


  • Unilever

  • POND'S Indonesia

Get to Know


Throughout my time at the university, I have had experiences in leading organizations and committees. While during my professional time, I also had experiences in leading national-scale projects for local and global brands. I like sharing my knowledge & experience with others, especially regarding marketing, management trainee program, and how to kick-start your career after graduating from the university. I'd love to share my thoughts in an informal & formal forum - 1on1 session, webinar, and others.

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