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Life at Baik Group

Get a glimpse of what is it like to be a part of Baik Group team. You’ll get to know the behind the scenes of our work, our working culture, and what we do in our weekly meeting. Learn more!



Having started in the midst of pandemic, we mostly do our work from home. However, that doesn’t stop us to collaborate and complete our mission together. We aim to make everyone becoming the best version of themselves.


A weekly meet-up where we talk about how our week went. The one who completes most of their goals gets a chance to spin the wheel and win a reward!


Our fast-paced work environment gives tons of opportunities to learn and grow!


Teamwork is our key to success! We wouldn’t get this far without any collaboration. Everyone has specific role that makes our team highly collaborative.


You get to decide when and where you want to work. It’s the flexibility that gives us creativity!

Turn Ideas
into Reality

Every idea counts! Don’t be afraid to spark any ideas, we will turn them into reality together!

Plan and

Planning is a key step in turning your ideas into reality! Good planning will result in a good execution.

Life at

Baik Group

With the help of technology, we collaborate with everyone around the world. Learn more about life at Baik Group!
Our virtual get-together before ramadhan ends! We share our moments through our zoom calls.
Lucky winner gets a chance to spin the wheel! We have various rewards that can help our team grow into the best version of themselves!

Interested in making your marks?

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