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We’ve brought together a unique and inspiring group of speakers, and our schedule is full of engaging events and meetups. Don’t miss out!

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Our Events

Enjoy the chance to grow and be the best version of yourself with our series of events.
Gain valuable insights from A(RE) Y(O)U READY, unravel classified tips and tricks through Hiring Secret, and many more great things to come!
Don’t miss your chance!

The interaction went very well because it was full of two-way communication which is very effective to gain a lot of insights regarding the HR topic. The materials and presentation are also straightforward so the participants don't really have to read long sentences but are still able to understand the topic well.

A(RE) Y(O)U READY? Participants


Ask any question you want, share anything you like. Unlike any other webinar, you can freely engage in the discussion with the speakers and other participants!


Psst, here's a tip! Wait until the very end of each webinar and participate actively! You may get the chance to spin the wheel and win amazing rewards!


Here at Baik Group, we provide you the opportunity to directly connect with our amazing speakers! Don't skip this valuable opportunity to learn more from them!


The Best Version of You

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Start now with our series of webinars! Get all the best insights you can that will surely raise your motivation to become the best version of yourself!
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Webinar: MT-TALKS

MT Talks is a talk show program that aims to expand jobseekers’ point of view to management trainee programs, specifically to the company or industry.

Webinar: A(RE) Y(O)U READY?

A(RE) Y(O)U READY is our seasonal webinar that is currently in its 4th season. You will learn things that help you grow professionally. Wherever you are, you can join our webinar by registering on the site. A(RE) Y(O)U READY is happening online, and free for everyone interested in joining.
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Workshop: Hiring Secret

An exclusive workshop that unravels all hiring secrets directly from our recruiters, starting from CV/Resume tips and tricks, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and many more!

What are you waiting for? Save your seat now!

No upcoming events at the moment
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