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7 Apps that Will Lead You Into More Productive Life

Are you struggling to finish tasks effectively? Often found yourself procrastinating on doing work? There's a list of apps that will help you to solve these counter-productive problems!

It's not always easy to keep on task when living your best work-life, especially when there are so many distractions all around you. That's why we've compiled a list of the top productivity apps to help you stay organized, focused, and on track so you can accomplish more. These useful apps can help you manage your schedule and daily activities and undoubtedly make life a bit simpler when it comes to getting things done. Whether you're struggling to be productive or need a little help keeping up with your projects.

The list you're about to see spans everything from time management apps and online planners to others designed to improve your focus, fix your bad habits, and even prevent you from procrastinating and getting distracted. No matter what kind of app you decide is best for you, though, you'll soon be on your way to checking off everything on your to-do list — especially with a bit of inspiration from the best life quotes and motivational podcasts. So, here is the list!

1. Todoist

Todoist is a wonderful task management tool to use if you're searching for a simple way to organize and keep track of your daily to-do list. It lets you organize and classify tasks, set due dates and reminders, measure your progress, and communicate with others on projects.

Other essential features in this app include location-based reminders and the ability to prioritize and tag chores.

Available on: Android, iOS

Cost: Free

2. Trello

This one is ideal for keeping track of your workflow, especially if you have to collaborate with your team or share information with clients. Trello, in particular, uses an easy-to-use structure to help you arrange projects.

You can create "cards" and "boards'', to categorize smaller tasks, then you can also delegate it to groups or team members — and then set a due date — for an easy way to manage progress.

Available on: Android, iOS

Cost: Free

3. Freedom

Ever feel you're easily distracted to see the latest tweet by your favorite celeb or funny cat videos on YouTube? Well, Freedom is the app that will "save" you from that social media distraction.

Freedom provides a way for you to block distracting and time-wasting websites and apps for a set time. In addition, you can customize your list of sites to block — or yes, even block your complete access to the Internet so you can keep your focus entirely in check.

Available on: Android, iOS

Cost: Free

4. Forest

Forest is also an app that will help you to reduce or even stop social media distractions. This one-of-a-kind app encourages you to put down the phone and concentrate on your work. Forest's principle is simple: plant a seed when you're ready to start working, then set a timer. If you stick to the task, your tree grows — but if you exit the app for whatever reason, your tree dies. Soon you can grow entire forests!

The app also has a plus point since they have a partnership with Trees of the Future to plant actual trees, so you can help the planet while helping yourself.

Available on: Android, iOS

Cost: Rp28.500 (1.99 $)

5. Evernote

Need an app that will make you take a note in a more effective and fun way? Then Evernote is the answer!

Evernote is a favorite for taking notes and organizing your ideas in one spot as a popular notes organizer and planner tool. The software lets you take notes in various ways, including writing, photos, audio, digital sketches, PDFs, and more – all of which are instantly searchable (yes, even images!). Additionally, you can sync all of your notes across many devices for a simple method to keep track of everything.

Available on: Android, iOS

Cost: Free

6. Noisli

Having a good sleep also will allow you to be more productive. That's why we recommend this simple app that will enable you to construct your ideal sleep soundtrack by selecting from a variety of noises (including thunder, wind, white noise, and even the bustle of a coffee shop). Then, you can put together a sound combination that you like and save it in the app for later use.

Tips to remember: If you're using it overnight, keep your phone plugged in—otherwise, you may wake up to a dead battery.

Available on: Android, iOS

Cost: Rp28.600 (2 $)

7. Focused

This app uses the Pomodoro Technique — which includes splitting your day up into 25-minute focus sessions followed by five-minute intervals — to help you get things done if you're the type of person who works best with periodic breaks.

Users may use the app to manage their responsibilities, including setting work intervals and break durations (which you can even customize) and tracking progress and goals throughout the day or week.

Available on: iOS

Cost: Free

So those are some of the apps that you could try to help you on being more productive. So now, let's be more productive and finish your task more efficiently!

If you would like to know how to improve your career life, you could read on our blog and do a consultation with us! Also, follow us at Instagram @baikgp and @ayureadypodcast for more information and extra insights!

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