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8 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Squid Game

Have you seen Squid Game, the most recent Korean drama? It is the first Korean series to reach Netflix's top spot and has become a hot issue. First, let me tell you a little about the Squid Game. It tells the story of a group of desperate people living on the verge of bankruptcy due to unpayable debts. They are competing for 45.6 billion won in six traditional Korean games. However, it is not a typical children's game because they are in danger of losing their lives if they fail.

Aside from the powerful and mind-blowing scenes, the show has also taught us some real-world life truths worth considering.

1. Kindness ripples unforeseen blessings

The series is full of random acts of compassion. Considering the film has a dark tone, the characters' willful and unintentional sympathy is astounding. Gi-hun ensures that the small group he and his friend could work together to keep each other safe.

Despite the older man's dissuasion concerning humanity's inherent selfishness, he still has his faith in humanity. His compassion prompts him to offer assistance to pals he met during the game.

Squid Game encourages us to be friendly to others, regardless of how brief or long our interactions are. It's because we all have issues to deal with, and simple acts of kindness can help.

2. Appearances can be deceiving

People are often already assuming toward others because of their appearance. Perhaps not maliciously, but simply due to preconceived assumptions. Gi-hun is really in shock when he learns that his boyhood friend, Sang-woo, is joining the series. People in his neighborhood thought he was a prosperous businessman, so Gi-hun never expected him to be in the same predicament. Sang-woo, it turns out, is in a lot of legal trouble due to his mounting debts.

When we look at social media and how our friends curate their lives, we see the same thing. It's easy for us to envy what they have, not realizing that there's always more to the picture-perfect stories. The happy couple on your timeline may be on the brink of a break-up, or that friend who posts party pictures almost every day may seem that he's living the life but is only looking for ways to escape it.

3. Nurture every connection you make

Being a grownup entails filtering the people in your life. You only need to construct a bit working link, not a large one. Most of the time, the people you think matter in your life won't ask you how you're doing, whether by accident or purpose.

Only in the game did Sae-byeok and Ji-young meet. Despite their dismal pasts, they grow to trust one another. The two left a message about the importance of relationships. It's pointless to spend time cultivating our friendships if we can't find time to do so.

4. The kindness you show to others will always find a way of coming back to you

You never know how much a small act of kindness might mean to someone. Our words and deeds toward others may be the only source of hope and compassion they require; this may be seen in Gi-hun's treatment of Il-nam. Although the old guy seems never to have had the best chances in the games, Gi-hun constantly made him feel part of the group and important.

Gi-hun's kindness could also be seen toward Sae-byeok, who he didn't particularly care for at first. But, when it came down to the wire, he wanted to make sure that she was safe and never saw her as a rival but rather a friend. Despite its gloomy undertones, the drama encourages us to be kind to others no matter how long we've known them.

It also allows us to connect with other people and build meaningful relationships.

5. Money doesn't always guarantee happiness (SPOILER ALERT)

Money was the most powerful motive for all 456 players, and despite knowing the danger, they chose to return. People were willing to kill for the bills because of the enormous debt that they had. But, in the end, we discover that having a lot of money does not always equate to having a happy life.

We found out how empty Il-nam's life was. Because he had so much money to play with, he would go to tremendous lengths to construct this brutal set of games. His opulent fortune is insufficient to buy him contentment in his golden years, and he longs to rediscover the simple pleasures of his youth. Il-nam wants to relive the joy of playing with his pals one final time before his death, rather than counting how much money he already has.

Then there's Gi-hun, the sad champion. All of the money in the world couldn't compensate for the pain and loss. He was never as happy as a clam when he left but instead felt sad and alone. Even though he was worth billions, he chose not to live in luxury because it was insufficient to fill the emptiness left by the deaths of his friends and even his mother. Yes, money is necessary to get by in life, but the meaningful relationships and experiences you have can bring you great joy.

Not only entertaining, but the Squid Game series could give us something to learn and embrace in life. Learn more advice for any self-development topics and consult with us! Also, follow us at Instagram @baikgp and @ayureadypodcast for more information and extra insights!

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