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Guide for the Introverted on Building Personal Branding

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

For most of you, it's probably a common thing to open up Instagram and get information about a webinar about personal branding. But have you ever thought about how an introverted person does personal branding?

According to HBR, most people still see that extroverts easily establish branding in the professional world since they tend to entail social activities more efficiently. From taking leadership positions in professional associations, starting a conference or networking group, to even embracing public speaking.

But, it's not the end of the world for the introverted to build their branding. So, if you or one of your friends are an introverted person but want to know how to flourish your influence amongst people you know (or even the world!), check these tips out!

1. Utilize the power of social media

Using social media is the opposite of being at a vast professional organization conference or presenting to a fifty-person audience that focuses their eyes on you.

You may choose where, when, and how often you communicate with social media, and you can utilize the tools you like. Moreover, despite social media's reputation for mass participation, you may reach out to the people you want to keep in touch with individuals, giving you a higher chance to form strong, long-lasting relationships.

One of the social media channels that might work the best for the introverted is the blog. It's one of the best platforms for demonstrating thought leadership — you can take your time, formulate your thoughts, and engage in genuine dialogue with others. With this simple platform, you can build your presence amongst people you know and even a global brand based on the strength of your ideas.

2. Have an extroverted mentor

When you have an extroverted mentor on your side, they'll make sure you're aware of opportunities so you can choose where you spend your time and energy wisely. The finest mentors will also nudge you out of your comfort zone when it's time to participate in essential brand-building activities.

Having support from someone who could transmit positive energy is priceless because it boosts your confidence and resume.

3. Use the voice of others

With your own social media channel and its followers, don't brag about yourself; let others brag about you! If it makes you uncomfortable to boast about your achievements, enlist the help of your existing followers. They'll be delighted to assist you. Testimonials and recommendations will be how they contribute.

Your fans will also appear in the form of social proof in your online communications. Seeing the support you get when you publish unique content that receives many likes, comments, and shares shows the world that your work is valuable without having to say anything.

Once you've gained a wider audience's attention, take it a step further by allowing your surroundings to speak for themselves. Rather than telling people what you're enthusiastic about or trying to gracefully reveal that you've won an award for leadership, surround yourself with tangible items that transmit this information: trophies, certificates, and framed images.

When visitors walk into your brand environment, they immediately understand what you're all about, without you having to say anything. When you're on a webinar, remember to brand what's behind you so people can get a feel of what your priorities are and what sets you apart from others.

4. Give back

When it comes to effective personal branding, it's not always about you. This also does apply to the extroverted. Rather than, it's more about the value you deliver to others.

Sharing your knowledge, expressing gratitude, and sharing your point of view are all great methods to promote your brand from a generous standpoint — no chest-pounding required. Make it a habit to thank others in meetings, share your knowledge and skills with colleagues and leaders, and offer support to others when they need it.

5. Learn how to say “no”

When you just start your own business, some of you might have zero boundaries. Well, you may didn't even know what a "boundary" was.

You would say "yes" to everything, be it social events, client requests, and even emails from someone reaching out to you.

Well, sometimes there is no problem with saying yes. But if saying "yes" is your default answer for everything, then you've got a couple of things you need to figure out.

Figure out how much you can do. Calculate how many hours you can work in a day. Determine how much sleep you require to be present for yourself and your clients. Then say "no" to everything that stands in your path.

According to Forbes, another way to learn how to say no that is important is by also selectively being famous. The quantity of individuals you know has no bearing on how successful your branding is. It isn't even about winning a popularity contest. Instead, it's all about concentration.

Only people who can assist you in achieving your career goals and those you desire to support should be in your circle of influence. Doing this limitation allows you to cultivate more robust bonds with a smaller group of individuals — individuals that matter.

So that's the five simple steps that the introverted could do to build their branding.

Anyhow, introverted or not, If you would like to know how to improve your career, even more, check any other tips that you could read on our blog and do a consultation with us! Follow our Instagram @baikgp and @ayureadypodcast for more information and extra insights!


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