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How to Stay Away from Work but Still Being Productive during Holidays

The holiday season is here! After a busy month at the office since Ramadan, You are about to celebrate Eid Fitr in your parent’s house. But after spending the half-day there and finding yourself not doing any work, somehow you feel that your productivity has dipped.

So you feel that you need to figure out how to be still productive? Fortunately, that could come through by making some changes so you can get the best out of every day while still enjoying the holidays. Here are some of the things you could do to achieve this.

Create a to-do list

Spare your time a day or the morning before you work to plan what you’re going to do on the first day until the last day of the holiday. Create a to-do list that contains activities that are not related to work. It will make you know what to do and eventually makes you still productive in some way.

Here are some ideas that maybe you could do: organize your family gathering activity or feel like you are not collecting things. Also, preparing answers to your aunt’s cliche question like “When will you get married?” “How’s work been doing?” and those other old things that they have always been asking you since the last five Eid Fitr.

Do something you have always wanted

Holiday time means slower times, it presents an opportunity to enhance yourself to do something you have always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for since you are busy with work.

While there’s no perfect activity that’s best for everyone, James Wallman, the author of “Time and How To Spend,” says some experiences are “junk experiences” and others are like “superfoods.”

The “superfood” activities put you into a state of “flow,” Wallman says, which is “a state of optimal experience arising from intense involvement in an enjoyable activity. Finding actions that lead to a state of flow is critical if you’re looking to increase creativity and happiness.

Experts believe you can achieve flow when you could utilize your skills, feeling motivated, and aren’t self-conscious but instead, have a sense of “total control.”

Wallman says that any pleasurable activity that genuinely challenges us has the potential to lead to the elusive flow-state that so many people are after.

Here is some kind of activity that might work for you, according to Wallman:

a. Develop yourself

Doing an activity that forces you to grow or gives you purpose is key to personal development. For example, maybe you could start with a self-development book that teaches you new skills or capabilities, change your worldview, lead to epiphanies or move you toward a greater goal that is all “transformational.”

b. Spend time with your loved ones

Some people said that there is no better time to spend time with family than Eid Fitr and it could be just something you need to make you feel “productive” since research shows that relationships predicted how happy and healthy participants were as they aged. Spending free time with family members at Eid Fitr could deepen your relationships and also allows you to share your happiness with others.

c. Create a new memory

Doing meaningful things could be something that makes you feel fulfilled and eventually feel productive. You don’t have to do something massive like hike a mountain, but maybe just do something small but could impact other people.

Maybe invite your family and friends to donate or teach your nephew how to cook.

Take a break

Don’t ever feel sorry for not being productive by taking a break when you’re on holiday.

The fact is, taking a break makes you feel better because your heart function and blood pressure begin to come back to normal levels. Taking a break could eventually lower your stress levels. In addition, research shows that the benefits of emotional stability and the mental relaxation process after taking a break will put you at the top of your game.

What's even great, being healthy both physically and mentally will make you come back energized and refueled, which eventually makes you perform better with your work.

So those are some things you could do to keep yourself feeling productive while on holiday. Now stay away from the office job if you could, and do all the things we’ve mentioned above!

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