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Persistence, The Value That We Can Learn from Olympic

The Olympic games are about to end on August 8th, and it's been enjoyable yet thrilling to watch. We find the Olympics inspiring and love watching the athletes compete in swimming, gymnastics, badminton, and other great sports in the summer games!

The Olympics are so much more than just entertainment. We think there are valuable life lessons that we can learn from watching these incredible events. One of them is about the value of persistence.

Just like the athletes that compete for the medals, or other achievements in life, if you want to produce outstanding success, you need to develop persistence. Without persistence, there is no way you can achieve your goals and create the success you desire.

All successful people have one of the most important and common characteristics: persistence.

As a result, if you want to reach your objectives, make your dreams a reality, and live the prosperous life you desire, you must learn to persevere. Here are a few techniques to improve your persistence.

1. Understand Your Purpose

What motivates you to do what you do? Why do you want to achieve your objectives? What motivates you to pursue your goals?

Your mission statement encapsulates everything. When you have a compelling reason for doing what you do, you will stick to it no matter what.

When your objective is weak, though, you will soon give up when you encounter problems along the way.

Consider how you'd feel if someone held a gun to your head and told you to write a book.

Well, you're going to complete the book because if you don't, he'll pull the trigger and kill you; however, you will do it with worry and stress because it's not done wholeheartedly.

What if you voluntarily agree to write the book? Nobody pushes you to do it, but you do it because you enjoy writing and aspire to be a great novelist one day?

You'll notice a difference. Imagine working and growing closer to your dream every day and feeling good about it. It's something you do because you want to, not because you have to.

It makes all the difference, right?

When you have a solid and emotional reason for doing something, this is what happens.

As a result, know what you want to achieve. It would help if you understood why you do what you do.

If you wish to develop persistence and stick to your strategy, you need a powerful, passionate, and empowering purpose to assist you.

2. Redefine Your Meaning

Aside from purpose, the significance you attach to your objective will impact your level of persistence.

People leave their jobs because they don't find what they're doing worthwhile. People who persevere are motivated by a sense of purpose in their work. That is why, even when things are difficult, they continue to work on it and persist.

Without an empowering meaning, you will quit and give up. But when you find what you do or your goal to be meaningful, you will persist until you achieve it.

3. 10X Your Commitment

So you want to improve your persistence? Then multiply your commitment by ten.

The more dedicated you are, the less likely you are to give up and quit. But how do you increase your dedication?

You can hold yourself accountable by creating a commitment device or making a public commitment.

Get an accountability partner, for example, and meet with them once a week to discuss your progress. Make a promise to your spouse that you will email them a weekly progress report on your goal.

Get an accountability partner, for example, and meet with them once a week to discuss your progress. Make a promise to your spouse that you will email them a weekly progress report on your goal. This way is only one of the many ways you can strengthen your devotion and persistence.

Another powerful method is to use a commitment device – a way of locking yourself into a desired action/behavior so that you will follow through.

4. Double the Fun

So you want to be tenacious? Then you can have twice as much fun doing the work.

Ever wonder why some people are so eager to play golf that they can get up at 5 a.m. and travel an hour to the course?

Will they tell you that they are tired, lethargic, and lack enthusiasm when it comes to completing something they despise, such as writing a report?

The reason for this is because they are dreading having to do it. Golf is enjoyable to some people, but preparing a report is tedious.

As a result, find a way to make what you're doing enjoyable. When something is pleasant to you, you will continue to do it.

Consider the experience of playing computer games. Because the game is enjoyable, people are eager to spend hours beating it.

5. Focus on the Possibility

After that, consider the Possibility. If you want to be persistent, concentrate on the achievable rather than the impossible.

When you see potential, you become more optimistic. Instead of giving up, you will continue to work on the project.

Most people give up because they have lost hope and cannot see how they can achieve it if they keep going.

Successful people are always upbeat. They have more concern with the Possibility than with the impossibility. They think about the outcomes they desire rather than the issues they are confronted with. You become more persistent when you adjust your thinking and focus on what is possible.

Though the Olympics are about to end, the lesson of perseverance will be something we should try to do in our life. If you would like to learn more advice for any self-development topics, you could also consult with us! Also, follow us at Instagram @baikgp and @ayureadypodcast for more information and extra insights!

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