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Ready to Explore Careers?

Career exploration-career change done right - so let's get started.

If you find that you are considering landing on an internship or job, you need to assess three crucial factors:

1. Know what new field you want to enter

You can take interest assessments to determine what careers align with your interests, skills, and personality. Some examples are listed at the bottom of this article.

Career Clusters

  1. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

  2. Architecture & Construction

  3. Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

  4. Business, Management & Administration

  5. Education & Training

  6. Finance

  7. Government & Public Administration

  8. Health Science

  9. Hospitality & Tourism

  10. Human Services

  11. Information Technology

  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

  13. Manufacturing

  14. Marketing, Sales & Service

  15. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

2. Know yourself

What would prevent you from being successful in your new field? Consider things like your physical state concerning the physical job requirements, your availability in shifts and hours per week, ability to travel, and stress tolerance. Think about how far you are willing to commute and whether such jobs will be available in your location. If you have barriers you cannot resolve with the new job, go back and look at other career options. Perhaps you could be successful in the same field but in a different role. Learn more about Managing Yourself.

3. Know how much time and effort will be required to re-train or whether you can easily transition with your current skillset.

We understand that learning the cores of technology may not always be favorable, especially learning its complex terms.

  • LinkedIn Learning: Once you finish the courses, you’ll get instant certificates! Plus, job seekers, professionals, and businesses are all here. Get one-month of LinkedIn Learning for free here.

  • HarvardX : Offers free online courses straight from Harvard University. You can interact with your peers/instructors, and there’s no prerequisite to enroll in beginner-level classes.

Career Interest Assessment:

Some online examples of interest assessments are including:

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