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Career Q&A

Stuck between career crossroads? Come share all your worries with us!

Service Description

We understand how tricky it is to know which career path to take. And many people experience changing careers mid-way as they try to find a job more suitable to their interests and passion. As dynamic as it seems, we want to help ensure you by answering all your questions regarding your options and preferences and also advise you on which career path you should take adjusting to your preferences and concerns. Through this exclusive session, you will be able to discuss directly with our coach regarding all your worries and inquiries on which career path to take. So book an exclusive session with us to know which road is perfect for you! Benefits: - An engaging one-on-one Career Consultation session with our prime coach - Tips & Tricks in Career Development - Narrow down your career path selections - A follow-up plan from our coach - CV/Resume enhancements - Consultation on the growing, most-needed industries Available Coach : - Ayu Nabilah - Anandre Forastero, M.Psi., - Cynthia Cecilia - Faranabila - Raihan Zahirah

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