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Getting a Master's Degree

Ever dreamt of pursuing a Master's Degree? We'll make it come true!

Service Description

Many people seek to continue their studies and sharpen their academic skills by pursuing a Master's Degree. Along the way, they experience various sorts of challenges before being accepted into one, including finding the strategic program to apply to and how to ace the selection process. If getting a Bachelor's Degree is already hard enough, wait until you know how tricky it is to pass the Master's Degree selection process. But worry not, as we provide you this session to make it easy and simple for you! Benefits: - An engaging one-on-one Master's Degree Consultation session - Tips and Tricks for Getting a Master's Degree - A follow-up plan from our coach - Contact persons to connect subject to your interests - Personal statement examples - Networking suggestions on your field and beyond Available Coach : - Ayu Nabilah - Anandre Forastero, M.Psi.,

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