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Motivational Letter Feedback

The secrets to an eye-catching motivational letter? Yes, we have it!

Service Description

Many institutions requests a motivation letter as part of their recruitment process but many still don't know what to write and how to properly deliver their plans and intentions. Through this session, we will provide you with reviews and strategies to construct the perfect motivational letter that would spark the interests of your readers! Benefits: - An engaging one-on-one Motivational Letter Consultation session with our prime coach - Line-by-Line suggestions - Suggestions for Targeted Motivational Letter (based on job description/professional/academic goals) - Action verb suggestions & enhancements - 3 (three) motivational letter templates - Revisions & highlighting your experience - A follow-up plan from our coach - Proper & efficient introduction and closing suggestions Available Coach : - Ayu Nabilah - Raihan Zahirah

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