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We heard you and here it is!
Having succeeded its previous program with satisfying results, Baik Group decided to expand its growth by opening Baik Acceleration Program. Come and join us to become an agent of change!

Join Baik Acceleration Program!

Learn, Explore, Grow

Baik Acceleration Program is a coaching program within PT. Dunia Kita Baik that focuses on career development and personal growth, which is aimed to help students, fresh graduates, and job-seekers alike face working life. This program will guide its members in determining their career paths, searching for a job, upgrading their application documents, equipping them with the necessary skills in getting accepted, and even connect them with professionals and networks of their desired industry and position.

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- Aufa Hanifa,

BAP Batch 2 Participant

The atmosphere BAP's given is making me comfortable and easier to learn and improve myself. I also love the subjects that were brought to us, insightful, and relevant. I gained more knowledge within each session and feel enlightened. Thank you BAP. So grateful to be part of the program!

- Annisa Septi,
BAP Batch 2 Participant

BAP very very changed my life. At first, I was a very shy person, not knowing what to do after graduation and a very passive person in every discussion. But with BAP, I learned how to improve my public speaking skill, to be well performed in front of others, and last but not least it makes me more active in every discussion & session! I'm so glad I got to join this program!

- Vaskha Almatsier,
BAP Batch 2 Participant

8 weeks of BAP have given me a lot of benefits, I learned a lot about CV, cover letter, job interviews, financial planning. Those are the things I wouldn't have learned if I didn't come across BAP. I definitely have gained more confidence during job interviews, asking & answering questions. I also get to meet new friends & hear interesting stories & perspectives.

- Defanya Sompie,
BAP Batch 1 Participant

This program is highly recommended for those who are still unsure about their career path, CV, LinkedIn, and many things regarding job search. Before this program, I was really confused about the difference between CV and Resume, I also did not know about what is ATS friendly and its importance. This program helped me improve my CV, Resume, and LinkedIn. Not only that, I also met with so many amazing people and learned a lot of new things.

- Permata Mei Kartika,
BAP Batch 1 Participant

Thank you so much, most platforms don't give us free classes like this program. I have increased my knowledge and been honest to myself. I also got a lot of networking experience as an Ambassador of Baik Group and connected with professionals that Ms Ayu recommends. My experience as an Ambassador with Miss Ayu as a mentor was so great that I will definitely ask for a 1 on 1 session with Miss Ayu hehe. Thank you so much Baik Group <3

- Putri Kirana,
BAP Batch 1 Participant

Being part of the Baik Ambassador Program is the best decision that I've ever made. I learned a lot to develop myself and understand my personality without any doubt anymore. Improving day-by-day is like a new habit for me. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to become a part of this amazing journey!

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At Baik Acceleration Program, you will learn so many things that will benefit you in building your professional future!

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