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Baik Career Fair

Join our virtual career fair where you can reach your dream jobs!

What is

Baik Career Fair?

Baik Career Fair is a virtual career fair organized by Baik Group that aims to connect jobseekers with their dream jobs/companies as well as to connect companies with top talents. Jobseekers could learn more about each company through the info session and directly interact with hiring managers through virtual booths. Companies will have the opportunity to increase their brand awareness & reputations in the job market.


Featured Companies

Why join

Baik Career Fair

Free access to top companies
Present yourself to make a lasting impression
Free company brochures
Land your dream job or internship
Networking with prospective employers
Prepare yourself for an interview
Learn about job opportunities in your industry
Brush up on your skills
By joining our Baik Career Fair, you can get the opportunity to have 1-on-1 session with recruiters from top companies!

What are you waiting for?

Join Baik Career Fair now!

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