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15 Online Courses to Advance Your Career and Help You Upskill

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Living in the digital era could be quite a challenge. You’ll always get the latest heads up about a new cell phone that now consists of three to four cameras. Who would’ve thought they might look like a bobba sticking on to your phone? Anyway, acquiring technology skills are getting ahead and essential for nearly every job these days. It’s critical to stay ahead of the tech curve to get ahead in your career, whether your job requires a laptop or not. Why is that?

Well, digital skills are more than a plus — they’re a must. According to a recent Burning Glass Technologies study, more than 80 percent of middle-skill jobs today require some degree of digital literacy. Technology skills are becoming a high priority for most hiring managers, from basic word processing software to more sophisticated data tracking and project management applications. They also found a connection between digital skill level, pay, and career advancement. This states to an obvious conclusion, digital skills are a must for success in today’s job market.

We understand that learning the cores of technology may not always be favorable, especially learning its complex terms. But as the industry widely desires it, most jobs can demand proficiencies in much simpler terms, such as creating documents, managing spreadsheets, and presenting a design software through Microsoft Office and Google Suite. Take note: many employers are also expecting their candidates to have a little experience with project management and communication tools such as Slack, Asana, or Trello. To determine the tech skills that are in demand for your industry, you’ll want to overview this 2020’s top 10 list of the most in-demand skills based on LinkedIn’s data.

  1. Blockchain

  2. Cloud Computing

  3. Analytical Reasoning

  4. Artificial Intelligence

  5. UX Design

  6. Business Analysis

  7. Affiliate Marketing

  8. Sales

  9. Scientific Computing

  10. Video Production

If you didn’t find the skills that you’re looking for, try a bit of researching through job postings in your field. Once you have a sense of your in-demand skills and match your interests, it’s essential to identify ways to build those skills. Here are some of our suggestions.

Take online courses

Most software or technologies nowadays can be learned through a wide variety of training programs. For example, DePaul University opens access to their students to log in to LinkedIn Learning for unlimited free access to a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative, business, and technical skills. You might find professional organizations offer webinars through social media and other educational opportunities for industry-specific professional development. Many technology tools even offer free trials or versions that can allow you to experience the app. Some of the great places to start taking online courses are LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, Coursera, EdX, Udemy, Google Skillshop, and Khan Academy.

During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak, we also made a list of 15 free online courses or certifications available for you to access and upskill!


  • LinkedIn Learning: The number one B2B social network and can be connected with your LinkedIn profile. Once you finish the courses, you’ll get instant certificates! Plus, job seekers, professionals, and businesses are all here.

  • HarvardX : Offers free online courses straight from Harvard University. You can interact with your peers/instructors, and there’s no prerequisite to enroll in the beginner level classes.

  • Stanford University: The courses are flexible, but it could be a challenge since it's designed with an increasing level of difficulty.

  • UC Berkeley Certifications: Offers diverse and free online courses from UC Berkeley, and you’re free to audit!

  • Khan Academy: The courses cover materials from elementary to continuing education and offer certifications preps such as SAT, LSAT, Praxis Core, MCAT, GMAT, and more!

  • Ruangguru: The courses cover materials from elementary to high school, an excellent place for learning exam preps, and a platform for parents and educators!

  • Coursera: Offers courses from the top 100 world Universities worldwide with certifications available by Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, Google, and more!

  • Alison: Provides free online courses with certificates and has more than 1350 courses!


  • Classpass: Offers free guided workout courses with a membership, plus discounts and promos!

  • Title Boxing On Demand: Offers free 30 days trial for the best high-intensity boxing workout! No equipment, no problem.


  • Microsoft: Provides one of the most desired tech skills, and the courses will make you think outside the box!

  • Nikon: Provides live online photography classes, and usually, they like to offer free online courses, depending on the month :)

  • Viz for Social Good: A platform for data visualization enthusiasts! Offers an online volunteer by empowering nonprofits through data story.

  • HubSpot Academy: Offers short courses and free tools! An excellent course for a startup and small company.

  • Google Skillshop: Learn about Google tools, free training, and certifications. Learn any Google product that is right for you.

Last but not least...

Learn through your employer

Many employers offer continuing education programs to build their employee competencies in many cases. So, try expressing eagerness to learn new skills and technologies to your coworkers and employers. Maybe it can be a good way for you to start the conversation.

Of course, an emerging career trend has arisen in most workforce by learning these new skills. Hybrid jobs are considered to merge skill sets from traditionally unrelated fields, such as marketing and statistics combined. Mostly, hybrid roles blend technical with creative or people skills. It is a multi-functional responsibility, and this kind of job is currently impacting the job market. A recent Burning Glass Technologies’ Hybrid Job Economic report found that these positions are growing at twice the overall job market rate and pay 20–40 percent more than traditional roles. They also reported that your salary could be increased by up to 40 percent by introducing a single new skill! Don’t you find it interesting?

In conclusion, everything is evolving, and so do you. The workforce can be a dynamic place to fulfill your needs and abilities, especially in this digital era. Plus, finding what you need is getting more comfortable with technology, so why not learn a few tech skills? The benefit will surely outweigh the costs! Or you can start by searching for free courses at the very least. If you like reading our post, stay tuned as we continue to share more about job skills and career development! Also, follow our Instagram @baikgp !

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