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Don’t Feel Guilty by Having a Free Time at Workplace

Six months ago, you were on your office's latest project that keeps you busy. Tasks are flying at you almost non-stop. You are so busy, and it sometimes makes you just barely keep up. To have a breathing room in this kind of time seems like a dream.

It's not like you want to complain because of the hours you have spent working or hating your boss because of involving you in such a project. Instead, you enjoy doing it because it keeps you excited and feels proud because of overcoming a challenge.

The following week, your boss told you that you deserve a break, so she promises to reduce your workload.

The first week was quite enjoyable. You’ll see your office group Slack’s notification showed up, but it doesn't involve you in any way. So while your colleagues are busy with their job, you (ironically) continue to binge-watch The Office in your bedroom.

But after two months of only doing tasks that you could finish in less than three hours every day, work started to feel slow and often.

You, other people, seem busy with their work while you are drifting — unable to get excited about any tasks, and eventually found yourself feeling guilty of not being productive.

Though not really in the same scenario, some of you might have felt this kind of feeling—the feeling of guilt of having many free times at your workplace.

If this happens to you, stop to think this way, and let us show you how having free time at work could grow your career.

Disrupt the situation

Slower times at work open an opportunity to enhance your entire life if you could take advantage of them. Consider doing things that you wouldn’t typically have.

You could start by telling your boss how the current situation has been going. But bear in mind that you have to come up with ideas that might be beneficial for you and the company. For example, maybe you could ask them to try a new role or help other teams who need additional support. To ignite other ideas to disrupt your situation, try to learn something from here.

Learn new things

Slower times at work present an opportunity to enhance yourself if you could take advantage of them.

These might include attending an industry conference, brushing up your CV and LinkedIn profile, or taking an online class, and doing all of these means that you are making an investment of time that will either help you in your current job or open up future doors.

Build relationships

If you are that kind of person who usually declines when colleagues ask you to join them for lunch, this is the time to say, “Yes!”

Having a lunch, coffee break, or simply stopping by their office could help you know them better. In addition, doing this could pave the way for effective collaboration down the road and give you some relationship capital when work is more stressful.

Outside of professional life, you could also reconnect with old friends you haven't kept in contact with for a while. Reaching them out not only meant to maintain a relationship that has already been there, but maybe they also could introduce you to new people.

Meeting new people could eventually lead you to new opportunities or learn things you may never know before.

Take a break

Ever think that taking a break is not productive? Then you are dead wrong because having one will give you only so much benefit!

You will feel better because your heart function and blood pressure begin to come back to normal levels, which eventually lowering stress levels.

If you want your “taking a break” activity even better, then go on for a holiday. Research shows that the benefits of emotional stability and the mental relaxation process after vacation will put you at the top of your game.

Being healthy both physically and mentally will make you come back energized and refueled, which eventually makes you perform better with your work.

So that's the thing you could do to embrace the free time that you had. Now forget your guilty feelings and be more optimistic with your growth! If you would like to know how to improve your career, even more, check any other tips that you could read on our blog and do a consultation with us! Follow our Instagram @baikgp and @ayureadypodcast for more information and extra insights!

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