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Things We Didn't Think Would Miss About College, but We Did Anyway

We all know that college can be a little hard to handle sometimes. Many assignments that lead to lack of sleep make us wish that the summer break will come as soon as possible. But who knows that we will eventually miss the thrill of college right after the pandemic hits? Although we can still enroll in the college virtually, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. We all know that deep down, something is missing. Pandemic changes many things, and it sure does take away some too, like our chances to have social interaction and our college experiences, for example. It is indeed one of the most challenging years for us students. We are missing one of the most critical milestones in our lives. To keep all the good memories alive, I would love to share with you all what things that I love the most about college, right before the Coronavirus attacked.

1. The real face-to-face

Thanks to the incredible technology, we can all now meet each other virtually. It makes everything more accessible, especially in a time like this. But still, something that I miss the most about college is the real face-to-face, not by looking at any of your faces through the screen. As someone who loves to have a quiet day, it feels nice to admit that I miss it when people crawl with each other in the hall or the cafeteria. It’s weird because I can only watch those kinds of scenes in movies now.

2. The overheated argument!

As someone who appreciates quietness, it’s evident that I would avoid any kinds of arguments if possible. I used to hate it when class started to become super engaged in debates because most of them would scream their opinions out loud, and it will be like that for the next 30 minutes. But I have to admit that I now miss the overheated scenes when people look like they’re about to snatch each other’s heads. It might look rough initially, but in the end, through arguments, we can learn about different things.

3. When we share the same space and also struggles

Sadly, a virtual class doesn’t mean you are free from assignments. It almost feels like a never-ending story, and yet tasks keep coming and coming every day. Doing tasks always feels hard, but we have to agree that doing it in a pandemic is the worst. I think one of the reasons is because we are doing it alone, like literally alone. No one is around us right now. Nobody’s going to complain about how challenging the assignment is because we're in our own different homes. There’s distance now, and everyone feels so far away.

4. The campus building, like literally

It may seem weird, but at this point, I do miss the ambiance of being inside the campus. I miss the time when I can just walk around the campus carelessly without having to worry that it’d be so crowded or whatsoever. I miss going inside the campus with friends, chatting out loud, and hanging out at the cafeteria after class. I just miss how normal our lives back then. It feels surreal now that I haven’t been going to my campus for like a year. Will it still feel the same after this?

In conclusion, we just miss college and all the opportunities it has a little bit too much. The pandemic won’t be over soon, and our time isn’t going to rewind itself, so what we have now is just now. And eventually, we have to move forward from our longing for college. We can’t be stuck in this state for any time longer. But still, you can be a little bit sad about it. Just don’t let it break you down. When things get complicated, and it feels like you just can’t do things right, take a deep breath and call a friend out. As far as they seem right now, they are still your friends. They will always have time for you, even from miles away. Take a break, too, do something fun and entertaining, like reading our articles about self-development and careers. Who knows that probably reading our articles can help you find your way out from this sadness. You can stay tuned for more blog posts, and follow us on Instagram @baikgp @ayureadypodcast for more information! But most importantly, take care of yourself.

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