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What Is Motivation and How to Find It

Do you have any idea what motivates you? What is it that motivates you to do what you do? What inspires you?

Motivation is what drives you to get up every day and work for a goal, a dream, or even just doing your job. However, do you know what drives you?

Other people's motivations may be quite different from yours, and you may have several motivating elements, but deep down inside, you have something that lights a spark that ignites your flame and drives you to do what you do. When it's time to make a career shift, interview for a new job, or be promoted, knowing what motivates you can help.

What is motivation?

According to Tiffany Lee, a communication consultant, and body language expert specializing in helping professionals achieve confidence in the workplace, motivation can be internal or external. "Some individuals are motivated by their goals (money, houses, etc. ), while others are motivated by the ability to help their families, communities, and the world," she continues. "Staying with something when times are tough or things don't go as planned is one of the most important things motivation can help with."

Motivation can take many forms, depending on your needs for self-fulfillment, financial independence, family stability, and good health. Motivation differs from person to person because everyone is motivated by different demands; this also explains why some people work in service-oriented occupations while others work in skill-oriented jobs.It all depends on the causes that motivate them.

When it comes to internal motivation, there are two categories that divide it: intrinsic and identifiable motivation.

Intrinsic motivation: Refers to the activities that we naturally wish to do because we enjoy them.

For instance, I'm studying journalism because I enjoy learning and telling stories.

Identified motivation: We do activities because we've identified them as crucial to achieving a goal we'd like to reach.

For instance, I'm studying journalism to write for The New York Times.

One study looked into why children behaved the way they did at school and discovered that their level of intrinsic motivation predicted their psychological well-being. The study concluded after the expert viewing their grades, implying that kids who enjoyed studying more were happier regardless of their grades' final results.

Why do you need to know what motivates you?

Have you ever wanted to quit your job or stop looking for one when you reach a snag or a difficult period? According to Paula Fendley, Ed.D., a life coach and educational consultant in Houston, Texas, knowing your motivation can help prevent this sensation. "Knowing what inspires a person is critical because understanding the 'why' behind what they want to do can help them stay focused and endure even when things go tough," she says.

While having a professional coach can assist, Fendley believes that "self-motivation is the ultimate goal." You must study what works for you in goal-setting, organization, time management, and even break techniques to enhance productivity. "Raising one's awareness and obtaining clarity on what inspires oneself adds to one's personal 'toolbox,' which can speed up one's progress and success," says Fendley.

Find what motivates you.

You must conduct some self-examination and be honest about how you got to where you are and how you will get to where you want to go next to discover what motivates you. "When thinking about motivators, people should contemplate occasions when they were excited and motivated to do tasks," Fendley explains. "Considering all components of that high involvement can assist in determining the type of work one is inspired to do."

Make a list of these occurrences, and then consider what led to your sense of joy or accomplishment. The key to what inspires you is the "why" underlying that sensation.

Questions to ask yourself to find what motivates you:

1. Who do I want to be in 5 to 10 years, and how does that person act?

2. If money wasn't an issue, who would I help and how?

3. What would I love to do?

4. How would I like to make an impact?

5. What jobs align with my values?

6. Who do I need to be my best self and live the life I desire?

Once you find what motivates you, you can use it to your advantage to secure your ideal job and lead a more fulfilled life. Now, find something (or even someone) to motivate you and achieve something in your life. Learn more advice for any self-development topics and consult with us! Also, follow us at Instagram @baikgp and @ayureadypodcast for more information and extra insights!

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