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Grow your institutions with step-to-step guidance from our coach!

Service Description

"Two heads are better than one", as they said. One of the most strategic ways for organizations/businesses to scale up is through partnership. Nowadays even when creating events you need partners to expand the reach of your event. Starbucks as the original coffee shop with music venue, collaborates with Spotify and help each other stay relevant up to this day. With this session, we will guide you the steps to collaborate with others through partnership. Benefits: - An engaging one-on-one Partnership coaching session with our experienced coach - Step-by-step guidances to offer partnership - Tips and tricks when offering partnership - Partner recommendations (if applicable) - A follow-up plan from our coach - Additional resources: partnership proposals example, email and greeting template Available Coach : - Ayu Nabilah - Cynthia Cecilia - Raihan Zahirah

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